My Point

Everyone's life that great? All the time? Bullshit.

You have a life beyond the boxes of your social media, so do I. The presence of perfection is incessant when you scroll through a feed of toned bodies and exotic locations. It seems like everyone's life is incredible while yours is just, well... meh. With the amount of time we spend online, these idealistic images are as ordinary and routine a part of our lives as morning coffee. So why is it so easy to forget that social media is a highlight reel? Social media profiles show the idealized version of people’s lives - and that’s okay! We want to share the good in our lives and the photos that we’re confident about. What’s important is that before comparing yourself to something you see online, remember the realities of humanity beyond social media's box.

While my vibe sometimes looks like this sick photo - aw thanks made it myself ;) - more often than not, my day to day life is far from it. I love writing and my friends are pretty tired of listening to me ramble, so I've taken to a blog instead! 

Let this be a reminder that most things you see online are rarely what they seem. This is my story, raw and real, not snapchat. I'm not going for likes and comments, just for understanding and awareness. 

My social media has probably made me out to be a certain type of person in your mind. You have me boxed in as someone I'm probably not. I'm about to break that. Welcome to my life beyond the box!


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