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Shop to Show Support: Mental Health Awareness Month

Likely too much of my time in Quarantine has been spent online shopping. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and if you can combine shopping for super cute clothes while simultaneously supporting an important cause, why wouldn't you? Here are some of my favorite sites/accounts to shop that also support Mental Health!

1. The Mayfair Group

The Mayfair group is an all-inclusive brand representation company specializing in the sectors of public relations, social media, sales, graphic design, and creative content. Their products, while trendy, sport positive slogans such as "Be the Effect", "Empathy", and "Let's D.A.R.E to be better humans".

2. MadHappy

A simple and stylish brand often sported by celebrities such as Chelsea Cutler and Dixie D'amelio. They're best known for their trendy sweat sets. They also have an awesome mental health resource: The Local Optimist. Check it out on their site!

3.Tailgate Teens (15% profit to NAMI [National Alliance on Mental Illness]) As a rising college freshman, I spend WAY too much time shopping for school apparel and tailgate gear. Tailgate Teens has some of the cutest and most unique stuff I've seen, and a percentage of their profit goes toward supporting NAMI. It's the best of both worlds!

4.Self Care Station

Self Care Station's shop is pretty much self-explanatory thanks to their brand name. They sell all sorts of clothing (sweatshirts, tees, etc.) with positive slogans/statements about self-care proudly sported on them. There are humorous ones and more serious ones. They also have an abundance of resources across their site.

5.The Wild Goose Chasers

The Wild Goose Chasers carry super dope shirts and sweats with really intricate/cool designs that keep you looking cool but also support an awesome cause. They have tons of styles like tie-dye sweatshirts and shirts sporting the slogan "sad ain't bad". They also pride themselves on having humans ready to respond and talk on their Instagram DMs.

6. Grey Bandit

Grey Bandit has super cute and trendy clothes perfect for any occasion. Be sure to check out their care collection which was inspired and created by the founders of Grey Bandit to raise awareness for mental health and to break the stigma that surrounds mental illness. Through the Care Collection, Their mission is to spread love, awareness, words of encouragement and kindness to all. 10% of the net proceeds from each shirt go towards various organizations that support mental health and mental illness awareness. These organizations include National Alliance on Mental Illness(NAMI), Active Minds, and theKind Campaign.


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